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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Diamond Celebrate Life

Diamonds are more than a girl's best friend 
Diamonds shine and sparkle
Diamonds bring joy to special occasions
Diamonds are often handed down through the generations
Diamonds have the ability to light up a room
Diamonds are the birthstone for April
Diamonds are present at the beginning of life together
Diamonds bring intrigue and action in the movies
Diamonds are ever present in the world
Diamonds are full of history
Diamonds are for everyone
Just the presence of a diamond in a little box can bring about the most amazing reactions!

So, do you need a diamond for the special occasion in your life?
How about  letting me help you get that special diamond or diamond piece of jewelry!

I can make you a one of a kind or bring your own ideas to life!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

We Buy Gold options and alternatives!

Redesigned From three broken rings!

We Buy Gold! We Buy Gold!

We Buy Gold!.......

Are you getting tired of the "We BuyGold" rant?!

If so, then  maybe this is the

alternative you are looking for!

Most jewelers and other various we buy gold places just want your gold.  They never even try to give you additional options!  At Tracy B Designs, we like to give you all of your options. We can Recycle, Redesign, Repair, Refurbish, Recast, Consign and of course buy your old gold!

 Take a look at the ring above.  It stared out as two worn out engagement rings and one worn out wedding band.  At Tracy B Designs we were able to refurbish the three rings into one ring and then added a beautiful stone in the center!  This is a very cost effective way to get a modern style from worn out pieces of gold!

Recast client's gold!
In the ring on the left, we remade two rings into this one beautiful design.  Tracy B Designs was able to recast the client's gold and use their diamonds to make this simple yet elegant ring!  This is a great option that allows you to save money and get the exact style you desire!

 Tracy B Designs strives to give the best value to each client!  Tracy will listen to what you want and give you the best options available to suit YOUR needs!  So if you have been considering what to do with your old pieces of gold, stop by for a free consultation! 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Watch Batteries

The Truth About Watch Batteries ~ What other jewelers don't want you to know!

 I am always amazed when people come into my store with stories of paying anywhere from $10.00 to $50.00 for a watch battery.  The watch battery business is full of scams and schemes to try to get people to pay way too much! 
 A classic example is,  someone goes into a jewelry store, watch repair shop or mall kiosk in need of a new watch battery.  They are asked if they would like a "regular watch battery" a "five year battery" or a "lifetime battery."  So, what makes this a scam?  Well, first of all, there is no such thing as a five year or lifetime watch battery!  Just because you pay more for the battery does not mean you are getting a better battery.  It is a fallacy that there is a so-called 5 year watch battery or even a lifetime watch battery.  What these places are selling is really nothing more than a warranty.  And, don't forget to keep the receipt equals no warranty!
Another pitch pulled by jewelry stores is when they say your watch takes a "special watch battery" because it is a name brand watch.  They may say, "this is a high end watch and must have special battery."  The truth here is that there are no "special watch batteries."  A Movado watch takes the same type of silver oxide watch battery as many costume watches.  The same holds true for Cartier, Fossil, Gucci Guess and most others name brands. 

I break all the industry rules when it comes to the selling of watch batteries.  I sell most watch batteries for $2.99.  No coupon, no scam, no gimmick!  I don't charge more because of the name of the watch or sell extended warranties.  I provide the same watch batteries as all the jewelry stores, watch repair shops and mall kiosks.

Great Batteries, Great Prices, Great Service!